Is Your Brand Message Clear?

One big mistake many brands make, and you may be making as well, is to boast about YOUR own achievements in your marketing, advertising, and your website. Your audience wants to see something about THEM, and how you can relieve their pain points. That’s why they’re coming to you in the first place, to improve their bottom line. Download my Free eBook 7 Rookie Mistakes Websites Make to learn more.

A high level Brand Audit can help identify some potential weaknesses in your messaging when speaking to prospective clients or customers. Contact Vincent today to set up a Brand Audit consultation to discuss your brand.

Read Client Success Stories

“I’ve had the honor to work with Vince since 1999. Vince has the ability to combine all the essential elements of professional design; from business strategy, to illustration and identity design, to visual design for digital or offline material and much more. It is rare to find such talent across so many different disciplines of design. His passion and commitment make him a pleasure to work with, and an inspiration to the rest of our team. Vince takes a simple concept and turns it into the extraordinary – whether it is for small companies or for some of our larger clients like HP, Microsoft, Experian, etc. I look forward to a long working relationship with him.”

– Angela Lester, President, K Street Partners, Inc.

Angela Lester
President, K Street Partners

Vince has incredible talent and passion for his work and is far superior to others in his profession. You know it when you see his work. Throughout the logo development process, he asked questions that lead me to clarify and improve my business plan. His experience and advice along the way was invaluable. I look forward to working with Vince on other creative projects and I recommend him highly for anyone that wants the face of their business to make an incredible impression.”

– Tina Myren, President Rosetta Northwest

Tina Myren
President, Rosetta Northwest

“Finding a professional to capture your business idea, your philosophy, your image and the essence of what you are selling can be overwhelming. Enter Vince Burkhead. Vince is a professional whose process of collaboration is unmatched. Literally every time I give my business card to a new contact, a positive comment on the logo, presentation and uniqueness comes back. ‘Exceeding expectations, providing unparalleled creativity and expertise’ may sound like a cliché but in Vince’s case this is the norm.”

– Camille Primm, President Primm & Partners –  Career & Performance Strategies

Camille Primm
President, Primm & Partners

“I’ve happily worked with Vince for the past 5 years. He has done a fantastic job invigorating the Ne-Mo’s Fine Bakery Products brand with updated and newly created packaging across our multiple product lines- Cake Squares, Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee Cakes, Crumble Cakes and Brookies. Vince has also created amazing consumer and B2B websites, sell sheets and ads for us. Vince’s creative talents have made a big impact on our companies success!

– Sharon Simmonds – Director of Marketing, Horizon Food Group, Inc.


Sharon Simmonds
Director of Marketing, Horizon Food Group

“Working with Vince has been a terrific experience. Always a professional, he brings creative insight, passion and excellence to the work he does time and time again. We’ve chosen to work with Vince since 2003 and based on the results we’ve seen to date look forward to working with him well into the future.”

– Nate Thompson, President of Cypress Consulting

Nate Thompson
President, Cypress Consulting

“As a small, principal-directed real estate development and brokerage firm, we were challenged to find a graphic designer and arts consultant who was creative, responsive, productive, and affordable. Vincent Burkhead Studio not only filled those needs, but became a management level extension of our company.”

– William J. Walsh, President of Beacham Walsh Properties

William Walsh
President, Beacham Walsh Properties

“Vince is by far the best conceptual designer that I have had the privilege of working with or managing on a project. He can always be counted upon to knock it out of the park. When a client really demands original and top-end creative, he is the one we turn to. I have been working with Vince for over 5 years now, both on agency and contract projects. Our clients have always been very happy with the results and the creative process as well.”

– Mark Fromson, Founder & Senior Project Manager Fromson Consulting


Mark Fromson
Founder, Fromson Consulting

“Very simply, Vince is the best! He has an amazing ability to listen to ideas and crystallize them into unique branding. He is not only a talented artist but also an excellent listener and interpreter of ideas (and being a dog lover was of course a real plus in our book!). We have worked with Vince since we started our company 4 years ago and couldn’t be happier with him and the work he has done for us. We consider Vince a valued member of the unofficial “Canine Genius Team” of top notch professionals we work with.”

– Alise Shatoff, Co-founder of Canine Genius – Smart Toys For Your Dog!

Alise Shatoff
Founder, Canine Genius