What is Brand Strategy?

In a nutshell, Brand Strategy is a ‘Roadmap’ for your business. It clearly defines who you are as a company, exactly who your customer is, and how best to speak to them to improve your bottom line. If you want to grow your business, start with a sound Strategy. Watch the video below to see a sample Brand Strategy Roadmap we created for one of our clients. (tip: to set the quality to HD, click on the ‘gear’ icon in the bottom right of the video to change the settings to HD).

The Benefits & Goals of Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy will reveal a complete understanding of who you are as a company, who you are speaking to, and most importantly, how to reach them. First, we assess the landscape and assimilate the overall strategic direction of the company, then we assist in defining your strategic path as it pertains to opportunities in the digital realm and beyond. Our goal is to transform your brand into a lead generating machine.

The goal and purpose of a Brand Strategy exercise is to develop a concise and cohesive brand strategy document that encapsulates your brand’s core Promise, Position, and Personality to attract your ideal clients/customer. The brand strategy document is a valuable company declaration that serves as a critical tool to inform, inspire, and communicate your core messages consistently and clearly to your target audience segments, as well as to all stakeholders involved in the company.

All the promotion and advertising in the world will be ineffective without a strong foundation. The strongest foundation to forge is that of effective content – content that establishes your authority, engages your audience, calms their fears, and educates their decisions. In other words, we can spend all our budget on paid traffic techniques, but if that traffic lands on thin content that the users typically see on other sites, then they will not stick around or fully engage. Effective branding starts with a strategic approach.

Keep in mind a re-brand can be a huge opportunity that is unlikely to happen again – a reason for celebration, an open house, PR opportunities, social media, touching base with old and new clients, Google ads, the press and more. It’s an opportunity to re-announce yourself to the world.

Brand Strategy Questions

The Brand Strategy exercise starts with a series of questions about the company, delivered in 3 parts (about 50 questions in total).
There are 4 levels of our Brand Strategy service: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, to view these packages in detail, visit our Brand Strategy Packages. View select Brand Strategy samples at the bottom of this page.

Part 1

Who You Are & Whom You Serve

1. Target Audience (Your Ideal Customers)

2. Brand Promise (What Your Customers Can Expect)

3. Brand Personality (Your Unique Style)

4. Brand Position (Where You Stand)

5. Discover Your ‘Why’ (See details below)

Part 2

Values, Vision, Mission, & Brand Story

1. Brand Values (What Matters to You)

2. Brand Vision (Where You Want to be and Why)

3. Brand Mission (How You Plan to Get There)

4. Brand Traits (How You Want to be Perceived)

5. Brand Story (Where You Came From)

Part 3

Association, S.W.O.T, Competition, & USP

1. Brand Associations

2. S.W.O.T. Analysis

3. Competition Analysis

4. Unique Selling Position (USP)

Bonus: Brand Persona Group Exercise
for the core management team.

Your ‘Why’ Statement

The core of Brand Strategy is to develop the company ’Why’ statement. “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” – Simon Sinek. 

Simon has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers. The TEDX video below lllustrates the concept.

Brand Strategy Process & Deliverables

Consensus from Client Team

The client team spends time answering the questions in Parts 1-3, preferably in a group session while one person makes note of each answer. You can also record your sessions and later transcribe them to text. Finding consensus on all answers is critical, otherwise you will lack a united front. It is recommended that you make time for 3 separate sessions, one for each Part of the questions supplied to you. We are here for you if you hit a roadblock, or need clarification on any questions. Once completed, submit your answers to us.

Assimilate / Analyze / Execute

As your consultants, we assimilate and analyze the information received from your answers to the questions in Parts 1-3 above, and then execute visual and messaging solutions, and deliver a Brand Strategy document to you. In order to increase brand exposure and awareness, we provide recommendations about the company’s offerings via digital strategies, comprehensive SEO, content marketing, and to expand the Social reach of your brand. See the deliverables outlined below.

High Level Brand Strategy Roadmap Deliverables

1. Explore targeted messaging & image combinations that speaks directly to ideal clients hopes, dreams, and fears. A minimum of 10 Headlines & visual combinations provided. These are used later in the marketing of the company, both online and offline. Includes Proof of Concept for both Web & Print (design comps).

2. Brand Summary: Develop value-based Brand Promise, Brand Position, & Brand Personality, & Why statement.

3. Brand Evolution – Logo Design & Tagline improvements: Recommendations for the evolution of your visual brand, including consistent usage over all channels, web, print, social profiles.

4. Develop your USP (Unique Selling Position).

5. Comprehensive analysis of the top competition in your space.

6. High Level Content Strategy, including pillar blog content recommendations.

7. Recommendations on potential Trademarking of certain services or processes to add IP value to the company. This includes exercises in visual sub-branding of these services.

Note: View Brand Strategy Sample deliverables at the bottom of this post. View our 4 levels of Brand Strategy services.

Strategy Upgrade: Interviews & Profiles

The upgraded full Brand Strategy phase includes interviews with individuals that represent your target market. These interviews provide deep insight into the buying decision making process, and help inform our decisions on targeted messaging overall content strategy.

1. Formulate questions, make target market selections, and conduct interviews.

2. Assimilation of the data provided from Customer Interviews with individuals in your target market.

3. Develop 3 Detailed Customer Profiles (Audience Personas) to help reach your ideal customers.

Customer Interviews & Profiles

Once the strategy questions are answered, we formulate our questions for the Interviews of your target market. We select 3 – 5 representative individuals and conduct face to face or skype interviews to gather additional data to inform our strategic recommendations.

We will interview past and current users for their open/honest perspective on the entire process, the costs and the results and why they haven’t come back for more (or maybe they intend to in the near future). We also interview potential future users to find their pain points. From this information we create 3 detailed Customer Profiles (Personas) to help us better understand your audience.

Note: Interviews & Profiles are an upgrade from the Core Brand Strategy Phase.

Brand Strategy Timeline Estimations

Brand Strategy Process

1. Client answers questions Parts 1-3 and delivers to consultant – 2 – 3 weeks

2. Client conducts Brand Persona Group Exercise – 1/2 week

3. Consultant produces the Brand Strategy deliverable – up to 20 pages – 5 – 6 weeks

4. Brand Strategy document is presented to client, 3 rounds of revisions included – 1.5 weeks

Total estimated Timeline for Core Brand Strategy: Approx 12 weeks total from start to finish.


Strategy Upgrade: Interviews & Profiles

1. Consultant assimilates all data and creates interview questions – 1 week

2. Consultant schedules and conducts interviews – 2 weeks

3. Consultant creates 3 Customer Profiles – 1 week

Total estimated Timeline for Strategy Upgrade: Add 1 month for this upgrade. Approx 16 weeks total from start to finish.

Why Us?

We’re not Yes-men

Please note we must take the position of ‘nothing is sacred’ as we navigate through this strategic process. If we conclude a re-branding is in order, we will not hesitate to voice this recommendation. If you’re logo is not a good fit for you, we will be forced to tell you “your baby is ugly.” You’re hiring us for our strategic recommendations, albeit even if sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Your brand and your bottom line deserve nothing but the truth.

Branding Experts

All companies need to re-think their brands as they grow. You must evolve, or you will perish. We have branded 100’s of companies in 75+ combined years of experience. If you think hiring professionals is costly, try hiring a team of amateurs to build your brand.

Our Affordable Virtual Model

We are all agency veterans, working independently and collaboratively. Our lean virtual business model has no hefty overhead to pass onto you. We do not have huge top heavy CEO or management team salaries to contend with. You receive agency level quality of work for a fraction of cost of the big boys.

Brand Strategy Roadmap Samples

See some samples of our Brand Strategy work for various clients below. Click through to see the depth of our strategic work.

The specific contents of our Brand Strategy Roadmap deliverable includes the following, but not limited to:

  • Brand Strategy Summary
  • Your ‘Why’ Statement
  • Attribute Tag Cloud
  • B2B and B2C Messaging (Headlines)
  • B2B Image/Message Combinations
  • B2C Image/Message Combinations
  • Service Trademark Recommendations
  • Competition Analysis
  • Brand Evolution – Logotype Design and/or improvements
  • Line Extensions
  • Tagline Explorations
  • Tagline Promise
  • Print – Proof of Concept
  • Web – Proof of Concept
  • Branded Imagery

“Vince became a management level extension of our company…”

~ William J. Walsh, CEO of Beacham Walsh Properties ~

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