I start with a Pencil & Sketchbook

My process always starts with a pencil and a sketchbook. The best concepts start by keeping it analogue before diving into the computer. Sketched ideas gradually become vector artwork once the direction is selected, as seen below in the illustration with Canine Genius and the Primm & Partners logos. Check out my full portfolio for more examples.


Brand Research

Competitive research on what the competition may be doing, and evaluating the different brands inside and outside your industry space.



Concept Exploration

Brainstorming, conceptual sketches, and visual metaphors are explored. Multiple potential concepts will be created during this phase of Creative exploration.



Concept Implementation (Logotype Creation)

Once the clients provides feedback on the conceptual explorations, the chosen Logotype design will be created in vector (Adobe Illustrator). The logo is presented to client for review and feedback.



Logotype Revisions & Refinement

The client has up to 3 rounds of client revisions to chosen Logo before the final logo is approved and delivered.



Creative Process Illustrated

To help you better understand the process, please view the Anatomy of Logo Design Info-Graphic on my Creative Junkie blog.



Logotype Development

– Competitive overview & design research, conceptual exploration, color palettes & fonts.
– A minimum of 3 conceptual Logotype approaches will be presented for review.
– 3 rounds of client revisions on the chosen direction.
– Logotype created in the industry standard vector application, Adobe Illustrator™
– Multiple formats of the final approved logo will be delivered to the client for their ongoing 
 usage: .JPEG, .PDF, .PNG, .TIFF, and of course the original Illustrator source file as well.