Client: Educate A Child Trust
Project: Custom Branding Website

VBS was asked to develop a new non-profit brand for the Educate a Child Trust website to help the victims of the Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004.

In 1984, Dr. Pramilla Senanayake was vacationing in the beach town of Kalutara, Sri Lanka. There, she and her son befriended two young boys who could not afford to attend school. Although public education is free in Sri Lanka, children are required to provide their own uniforms, books, pencils, and shoes. Many families are too poor to buy these items, so their children do not attend school.

Dr. Senanayake personally outfitted the two boys for school, and for m ore than 20 years has added children each year to those she helps. Today, she enables 872 children from 570 families to attend the “free” public schools in Kalutara. She purchases their supplies using mostly her own money.

In the 2004 tsunami, Sri Lanka suffered 41,008 dead, 4,916 missing, 12,482 injured and 889,175 displaced. More than 40,000 houses were lost. Kalutara took the full force of the tsunami, and 98 of Dr. Senanayake’s EACT families suffered the loss or partial destruction of their homes and livelihoods.

Challenges & Solutions:
Appealing to a wide audience was the biggest challenge. We built the site around offering an easy way to donate since donations drive the support of the EACT mission and enterprise. We also made it very easy to update content on the site, so donors can see results online. In order to increase the exposure of the website and the cause, we offered a simple way to link EACT to social networking connections. We enable people to link to EACT through their personal blog, their lifejournal, MySpace, Xanga or on their school’s website – to reach out to more people about this very worthy cause.

IMA Award
The website was created 100% pro-bono and won an international IMA award in 5 different areas of web design & development. View IMA Award.









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