1. We’re not prima donnas, and never miss Deadlines.

2. We Believe in the Value of Brand Strategy.

3. We’re very responsive & easy to work with.

4. We seek Long Term Relationships with our Clients.

5. We Deliver Agency Quality Work at a Fraction of the Cost.

6. We Consistently Under-Promise and Over-Deliver.

7. Think Hiring Professionals is costly?
Try Trusting Amateurs to Build Your Brand.. :)

You need an Authentic Brand that moves people into action

You need a compelling message that speaks the hopes, fears and dreams of your target audience. THAT is when you can break through the clutter. Check out my Branding Packages page to see how to hire me.

> I’m a certified creative junkie that’s been kicking creative ass since 1994.
> We offer agency quality work at a fraction of the cost of the big boys.
> We under-promise & over-deliver. And seek out long term relationships with our clients.
> Very responsive and easy to work with, and NEVER miss deadlines.
> I love to see a concept turn into a living breathing brand.

I also run a blog called Your Creative Junkie. The content of the blog is to inspire and help Graphic Designers improve their craft, and excel in this industry.

A few of my favorite influencers and bloggers include Jacob Cass of JUST Creative, the Logo Geek, the prolific writer & marketing genius Seth Godin, and the social media rockstar Gary Vaynerchuk, I also like the freebies from the blog of Chris Spooner. The crazy dudes at AppSumo cannot be forgotten for their war on ‘Wantrapreneurship’. Love it.

I have an amazing virtual team to support me delivering authentic and relevant work to my clients. I have 10 logos published in LogoLounge publications and 5 IMA awards for Web design & development.

If you need a compelling brand that’s crafted with your audience in mind, Vincent Burkhead Studio is your strategic partner. Call me at 619-787-9384 to talk to see if we’re a good fit, and let’s start kicking some creative ass together. I can help translate your business goals into visual branding that increases conversions and improves your bottom line. Now let’s get to work.

“Vince became a management level extension of our company…”

~ William J. Walsh, CEO of Beacham Walsh Properties ~